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Breaking Soul Tie-Exposing My Household Enemy

over a year ago by christlight86 Pray for me
Oh Lord I cry unto You this day to open my eyes to see clearly my environment. Reveal the secret place and power of my hidden and my household enemies for so many years. Endow me with Divine wisdom to overcome their evil manipulations. I cause them to loose their hold upon my life, I break whatever is tieing my soul to them by the blood of Jesus Christ and by fire of Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

delieverance, success and accomplishments.

over a year ago by olapeju hughes Pray for me
please, join your faith with mine as we pray that Almighty God will rise up on behalf of Christ Light of the World Ministry to fight our battle. Pray that He delivers this Ministry of all demonic attacks and grant us success and glorious accomplishments in all areas of our endeavours including members and families involved both in USA and Abroad in Jesus Name and by Fire of the Holy Ghost....Aaaameen.

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